Worldwide Olympic Partner P&G proudly says “Thank you, Korea”

23 Feb 2018

Today, IOC President Thomas Bach met Korean athletes and their families who came to PyeongChang to support them at the P&G Family Home. P&G was hosting a special event at its Family Home to celebrate a mother’s role in an athlete’s journey and discuss the many challenges they face on and off the field of competition.

The IOC President said: "This is one of my favourite events at the Winter Olympics, because the P&G Thank You Mom programme is really something extraordinary and unique. It really reflects the Olympic spirit in a very particular way. All the athletes you are seeing here know that on their own they could never have achieved what they achieve, they could never have qualified for the Olympic Games, and they could never have won a medal as they did. For this you need a great team from childhood on, you need the support of your parents whatever you decide to do. I really say from the bottom of my heart, Thank You Mom, Thank You P&G. I would also like to say thank you to the successful athletes here, with your medals and your success you have greatly contributed to the success of these Olympic Winter Games. With your success you have inspired the Korean people to follow and support you, your team, and the Olympic Games, and for this we say thank you!"

The Korean athletes supported by P&G in attendance were:

  • Sang-hwa Lee (speed skating) (500m silver medal, PyeongChang 2018; 500m gold medal, Sochi; 500m gold medal, Vancouver)

  • Seunghee Park (speed skating)

  • Minjeong Choi (short track) (1,500m gold medal, PyeongChang 2018)

  • Sung-bin Yun (skeleton) (gold medal, PyeongChang 2018)

IOC/Greg Martin

"We have thoroughly enjoyed every moment here in PyeongChang and congratulate POCOG and the IOC for delivering such a fantastic Games. For P&G, at these Olympic Winter Games, we've continued to celebrate moms through the 'Thank You Mom' campaign but have also shifted our attention to an important global issue regarding bias." Commented P&G Global Design Officer, Phil Duncan. "We've learned that athletes struggles with bias are as varied as the countries of the world they come from. We've also learned that those that have struggled with prejudices and bias have a powerful ally, one that champions them against all odds…their mom. So we celebrate moms for seeing the potential no matter what others see, because love is stronger than bias."


P&G at the Olympic Winter Games

P&G brands don't live at the finish line, but in the everyday moments on a mother's journey with her children. That's why P&G has partnered with Olympians and their mothers in their journey to the Olympic Games from countries all over the world.
Additionally, P&G brands have been supporting athletes, mothers and families on the final stage of their Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018 journey through the P&G Family Home. The P&G Family Home provides a 'home away from home' that includes meals and a cosy retreat to relax and watch the Games. 

IOC/Greg Martin
P&G "Thank You Mom" Campaign

Worldwide Olympic Partner P&G, as a 'Proud Sponsor of Moms', has been emphasising a mother's role in an athlete's journey to the Olympic Games, starting with Vancouver 2010. Through the PyeongChang 2018 Thank You Mom campaign, P&G is highlighting mothers as the first and greatest advocate who help athletes overcome any and all bias, and express their thanks and respect to all mothers in the world.

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