World Mile

During the ten days of the YOG, the World Mile showcased the unique and diverse cultures of the countries expected to participate in the Games, breathing life into the arts and culture experience at the Village Square. Stands hosted by pupils from Tyrol presented each of the countries attending the Games.

The following themes were covered: history and geography, traditions in arts, sport and music, culture and lifestyles, clothing and language, famous personalities.

Participants did also have the opportunity to learn more about global challenges through a series of Global Issue Booths run by the following international organisations: 

CIFP – The International Committee for Fair Play,
IFRC – The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies,
IOA – The International Olympic Academy,
UNEP – The United Nations Environment Programme,
UNICEF – The United Nations Children’s Fund,
WADA – The World Anti-Doping Agency,
Hope Factory – The Hope Factory was an exhibition which took participants on an interactive exploration tour of the Olympic Movement to find out more about the Olympic Values and celebrate the Olympic Spirit.

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