Work begins on Rio 2016’s Deodoro Olympic Park

04 Jul 2014
RIO 2016 IOC News

It has been announced that work has begun on Rio 2016’s Deodoro Olympic Park - the second largest of Rio 2016’s two Olympic Parks. In Deodoro, three of the nine venues planned for the complex already exist, a legacy of the 2007 Pan-American Games and the 2011 World Military Games, while another six permanent and temporary venues remain to be built. Deodoro will host 11 Olympic and four Paralympic sports when Rio stages South America’s first edition of the Games.

“This is a very important day,” said Rio 2016 President Carlos Nuzman. “We are very proud to see work start on Deodoro Olympic Park. It underlines the important legacy that the Pan-American Games left to Rio, and the new confidence in the success of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Today, Brazil has a highly positive image due to the FIFA World Cup, and I’m certain that our Games will be no different.”

The three existing venues – the National Shooting Centre, National Equestrian Centre and Modern Pentathlon Aquatics Centre – will be renovated, while four new permanent venues – the Deodoro Arena, Olympic Hockey Centre, Olympic BMX Centre and Olympic Whitewater Stadium – will form part of the sporting legacy that the Games will leave for the city. Two other temporary structures will also be created – the Rugby and Modern Pentathlon Arena, and the Olympic Mountain Bike Park.

The Olympic Mountain Bike Park, Olympic BMX Centre and Olympic Whitewater Stadium will form the X-Park. The BMX and Whitewater venues will remain after the Games as an action Sports complex that will be used by high-performance athletes and the general public.

The Deodoro site is divided into north and south regions, separated by a railway line, and works, coordinated by the Rio city government, have started in the north region. This includes eight venues – all except the National Equestrian Centre. Construction in the south region, where the three equestrian disciplines (dressage, jumping and eventing) will take place, will begin by August. The Deodoro Olympic Park works are due to be completed in the first half of 2016.

The first construction phase will focus on common and circulation areas in the X-Park and support buildings, with infrastructure work and ground clearing. Next, work will start on the Deodoro Arena and the renovation of the National Shooting Centre.

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