Women in Olympic Governance

IOC and Loughborough University Research Partnership


The IOC and the Institute of Sport and Leisure Policy at Loughborough University (UK) cooperated on a joint two-year research project aiming at evaluating the roles of women in Olympic governance. The IOC established targets in 1996, for National Olympic Committees and International Federations (IF), to have at least 10% of all offices in decision-making structures held by women by 31 December 2000, and at least 20% by 31 December 2005. The research results were issued in January 2004 and officially presented at the 3rd IOC World Conference on Women and Sport in March 2004.

- the project evaluated the processes of recruitment of women to decision-making structures, their career paths into Olympic governance, their impact on the activities of the organizations themselves, and the nature of training and support required by both the women members and the sports organizations to ensure that the benefits of wider involvement in decision-making by women were realised.

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Institute of Sport and Leisure Policy - Loughborough University (UK)
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