Who is in your entourage?

19 Oct 2016

When you think of an “entourage”, you probably picture big superstars with a huge team of people swarming around them. But every athlete, no matter how successful, has an entourage. These are people who are committed to helping you progress in your career: your coach, your parents, your friends, your International Federation, your National Olympic Committee, your sponsors…. The list goes on and on.

In our latest video, hosted by Olympic shooter and Young Ambassador Danka Bartekova (SVK), we explore just who makes up an athlete’s entourage and why, as an athlete, it’s important to surround yourself with positive people you trust and be actively involved in the decisions made about your future.

For more information on this topic and the Athlete’s Entourage Commission created by the International Olympic Committee to safeguard and protect clean athletes, please visit: https://www.olympic.org/athletes-entourage-commission.
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