Toyota actively contributes to the sustainability and legacy of the Youth Olympic Games

As the mobility partner of the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018, Worldwide TOP Partner Toyota is committed to making a positive impact on the host city and leaving a strong mobility legacy after the Games. The company supports the staging of Buenos Aires 2018 with different services and mobility solutions, including the supply of over 338 vehicles and the launch of a new car rental service platform “Toyota Mobility Services” using official vehicles, as a legacy towards an Argentinian mobility society.

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Toyota’s contribution to the smooth operations is invaluable thanks to the fleet of vehicles the company is supplying for official and other use. But thinking beyond Buenos Aires 2018, the company is also contributing to the Games’ legacy by creating a new car renting service platform that is a pioneer in Argentina's automotive industry. “Toyota Mobility Services” will be officially introduced to the public in November, and will use the official vehicles provided by Toyota for the Games. In Argentina, Toyota Mobility Services is the first step for Toyota in its transition from a car company to a mobility company.

Strong engagement with athletes and spectators

Presenting Partner of the Green Park, Toyota is helping to welcome spectators and athletes participating in the cycling, beach volleyball, futsal, tennis, equestrian and triathlon events. Based on the Park's concept, the company is also hosting a space dedicated to the future of mobility and cars, showcasing hybrid technology, but also inspiring the next generation with educational activities related to environmental sustainability.

Toyota’s leadership in innovation and sustainable automotive solutions is also showcased at Technopolis Park, with various interactive installations that demonstrate Toyota's “Mobility for All” concept and the artificial intelligence technology that the company is developing.

Toyota and the Youth Olympic Torch relay

Toyota is also a Presenting Partner of the 60-day Torch Tour, engaging the entire nation in the Olympic spirit and providing vehicles such as the Toyota Hilux pick-up truck that has carried the Youth Olympic flame. Built at the Zárate vehicle manufacturing plant in Argentina, the Hilux has transported the Olympic Torch to 17 different cities throughout the country. The 14,000-km, 60-day journey culminates on 6 October at the famous Obelisk monument in Buenos Aires to be part of the Opening Ceremony.

Toyota Toyota
Mobility Challenges

Cities around the world currently face challenges surrounding mobility, having to solve issues ranging from traffic congestion to air pollution, traffic accidents, and access for people with impairments. Starting from Buenos Aires 2018 and developing further in Tokyo 2020, Beijing 2022 and Paris 2024, Toyota is hoping to help tackle these challenges in collaboration with stakeholders around the world, and contribute to creating legacy to achieve a sustainable mobility society.

Toyota Senior Managing Officer Steve St Angelo said, “Today we are challenging our own impossible by helping to make a society where everyone can participate and push their limits. It is the fighting spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic athletes that serve as our inspiration. Every day, these athletes are inspired by their hopes and dreams. Can you imagine what that must feel like? How impossible that must feel? But these athletes do it each and every day. Just like these athletes, we are pushing our limits to challenge the impossible and create a future of mobility for everyone.”

About Toyota's Top Olympic Partnership and Worldwide Paralympic Partnership

Toyota became the official worldwide mobility partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Committees in 2015 for the 2017-2024 period, covering the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 (Korea) and Beijing 2022 (China) and the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (Japan) and Paris 2024 (France). As a partner, Toyota aims to encourage creating a peaceful society without discrimination through sport and a commitment to creating a sustainable society through mobility. Toyota's values of continuous improvement and respect for people are shared by the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which bring together the entire world in friendship and solidarity to celebrate the highest realisation of human potential. Toyota believes that mobility goes beyond cars; it is about overcoming challenges and making dreams come true, which is encapsulated in the company's “Start Your Impossible” corporate initiative, and is the basis for its transformation from a car company to a mobility company. When you are free to move, anything is possible.

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