The Olympic World Library, your portal for Olympic knowledge

The Olympic Studies Centre (OSC) has recently launched the Olympic World Library (OWL), a catalogue, information portal and search engine entirely devoted to Olympic knowledge


Who is it for?

The OWL is aimed at students, researchers and professionals from around the world who are looking for publications related to the Olympic Games and Olympism.

What can you find in the OWL?

The OWL gives you access to a catalogue of over 30,000 publications, including books, electronic publications, journals and articles.

Among these resources you can find official publications of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Organising Committees of the Olympic Games, as well as by academic researchers and other authors. A large number of these resources are available in digital format and are directly accessible online.

In addition to offering easy access to the digital and printed collection of the Olympic Studies Centre, it also connects you directly to other important publication platforms which publish Olympic content. 

The OWL also provides a comprehensive overview about the IOC’s historical archives which are open for consultation at the OSC, and the IOC’s other important patrimonial collections.

In the “Zoom In” section, which is regularly enriched, you can get a quick overview of the most relevant resources available on popular topics for research.

How do you stay informed?

We invite you to explore the OWL and sign up to our alert service in order to keep up-to-date with all the new publications available.

For general information on the Olympic Studies Centre, visit

For loans and research guidance, or to request access to the historical archives, contact us at

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