The IOC suspends the NOC of Kuwait

04 Jan 2010
IOC News

The IOC Executive Board (EB) has decided to suspend the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Kuwait following political interference by the government in the Kuwaiti sports movement. This decision, taken in accordance with the provisions of the Olympic Charter (Rule 28.9 in particular) to protect the Olympic Movement in Kuwait, took effect as of 1 January 2010.

The sports legislation currently in force in Kuwait reveals clear interference by the public authorities in the internal functioning of the country’s sports organisations, which is contrary to the Olympic Movement’s principle of autonomy and prevents the organisations which make up the Olympic Movement in Kuwait from respecting the principles and rules of the Olympic Charter and of the corresponding International Sports Federations.

Despite the IOC’s efforts since 2007 to help the Kuwaiti authorities resolve this situation, the planned changes to the national sports legislation to make it compatible with the principles and rules which govern the Olympic Movement were not finalised by the agreed deadline (31 December 2009) in line with the undertakings given.

The IOC EB will not be able to envisage lifting this suspension until the agreements signed are respected and put into effect, to ensure that the autonomy of the Olympic Movement in Kuwait is preserved in accordance with the principles and rules which govern the Olympic Movement.

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