Lausanne, 19 April 2000 - Announces November Conference on “The Future of New Media and Sport”

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) considered key areas of its emerging Internet strategy during its Executive Board meeting today in Lausanne. The Board confirmed a number of policies concerning web coverage of the Sydney Olympic Games and announced it will host a conference on sport and new media as it began to determine Olympic guidelines for the future.

The IOC intends to host a world conference on “The Future of New Media and Sport” in Lausanne, November 14th-15th. The conference will review the Sydney Internet experience and explore the potential of this important medium. Invitations to the conference will be extended to key leaders in the industry.

“The Internet is moving extremely fast, and Sydney is shaping up to be a turning point in the young history of sports on the Internet. We look forward to inviting the world to learn from our experience in Sydney and to work together to shape the future of sport in the digital age,” said Richard W. Pound, IOC first vice president and executive chairman of the conference.

The conference will explore the convergence of television and new media and the resulting impact on traditional sports coverage, existing television rights, and the sports fan’s experience. A key focus of the conference will be sports governing bodies’ needs to assess their digital assets and to keep pace with changing technology so they are in the best position to promote their sports.

Olympic Guidelines
The Executive Board also discussed Internet guidelines for International Federations, National Olympic Committees, and broadcast rights-holders. The IOC will now initiate a review with the constituent members of the Olympic Movement in order to finalize these procedures by its May meeting in Rio de Janeiro.
Official Olympic Website for Sydney 2000 –
The IOC praised SOCOG and IBM on their development of, the Official Olympic Web Site of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, which is set to break all previous Internet traffic records for a sports event site. It is expected the site will garner 1.4 billion page views over the six-month period leading up to and during the Olympic Games. - the only official site of the Olympic Games -- will be a comprehensive, one-stop site for all Olympic fans around the world, providing the fastest source of results on the web and other unique and compelling content, including:
- real-time official results in every event categorized by every athlete, sport, and participating NOC
- real-time desktop scoreboard applets for 11 sports
- complete editorial coverage of all 28 sports on the Olympic program
- biographies, statistics, and rankings for all 10,300 athletes competing in the Games
- updated information and news from the Games organizers
- educational information, kits, and tools for educators
- athlete chat groups, communities, and kids areas
- the widest range of official Sydney 2000 merchandise and
- 3-D virtual reality tours of the Olympic venues

IOC Institutional Web Site –
In addition to the Official web site of the Games, the IOC will continue to provide information and news about the Olympic Movement through its institutional site,

Recently, the IOC has developed several new areas to its site, enhancing its content:

- Project Horizon ( that follows the stories of five athletes pursuing their Olympic dream through the Olympic Solidarity scholarship program
- The Collectors Site ( where fans can find information concerning the IOC’s various Olympic memorabilia initiatives and
- The new Olympic Museum site ( that now features a virtual gallery of Olympic exhibitions including hundreds of photos and videos from the Olympic archives

Related Sites and Issues -- Video and Data
In addition to the above two Official Web Sites, the IOC recognizes the contribution of NBC, the US broadcast rights-holder, in covering the Olympic Games in-depth through its broadcast site, This site, focused on the US market, complements NBC’s Olympic broadcast and is being produced through a joint-venture between NBC and Quokka Sports.

Following the collective request from Olympic broadcast rights-holders, the IOC Executive Board confirmed that no moving images or audio coverage of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games on the Internet will be authorized.

Similarly, the IOC Executive Board confirmed that for Sydney athletes will not be permitted to carry or allow third-parties to place any electronic device on their person for the purpose of gathering biometrics data for Internet or other use.
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