Shaping the future of Olympism

How can the IOC keep the Olympic Games as a premium event?


This is one of numerous questions that will be debated at the up coming Olympic Congress in Copenhagen, where around 900 delegates will participate to shape the future of the Olympic Movement.


The recent successes of the Olympic Games in Athens, Turin and Beijing will allow us to learn lessons and to find even better ways to position the Olympic Games. The athlete is at the centre of the Games and, in the end, it is their outstanding performances that are remembered: Mexico City 1968 with Bob Beamon’s historic jump; Grenoble 1968 with Jean-Claude Killy’s triple medal win; Munich 1972 when Mark Spitz became a legend; Montreal 1976 with Nadia Comaneci’s perfect tens. Not forgetting of course Eric Heiden, Carl Lewis, Hermann Maier, Björn Daehlie and most recently Shaun White, Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps.


It’s for these performances and memorable moments at Olympic ceremonies that the IOC, Organising Committees, National Olympic Committees and International Sports Federations work hard to provide the most adapted environment in which to compete and perform.


The Copenhagen debate will allow streamlining for what has to become even stronger, better and more enjoyable Olympic moments. Enjoy watching all the highlights of previous Games in the “Mood” video.


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