Second Tokyo 2020 Project Review comes to a close

19 Nov 2014
Tokyo 2020 IOC News

A little over a year after the election of Tokyo as the host city of the Olympic Games in 2020, an International Olympic Committee (IOC) delegation, led by the IOC’s Coordination Commission Chair John Coates and Deputy Chair Alex Gilady, has completed its second Project Review visit to the Japanese capital (18-19 November).

The delegation left Tokyo pleased with the advances being made in preparations, and was reassured with the progress of its venue master plan review, which is being conducted with a view to ensuring cost-effective investments for the Games and in the spirit of Olympic Agenda 2020, to make Tokyo 2020’s concept as sustainable as possible.

Speaking at the end of the meeting, John Coates said, “Tokyo continues to make solid progress on its road to 2020. Under the leadership of President Mori and with the support of its government partners and civil society, particularly in the form of its “best of Japan” Advisory Meeting, Tokyo 2020 is laying the foundations of outstanding Olympic Games for the athletes and the fans.”

He continued, “We were also reassured by the close working relationships that Tokyo has been building with the International Federations, and are confident that the venue master plan review will deliver even more sustainable Games in 2020.”

Tokyo 2020 continues to work on its venue master plan review, but in a manner consistent with the principles of Olympic Agenda 2020, support has been received from the relevant International Federations for Tokyo 2020 to investigate alternative locations for some venues. These decisions will need to be finalised with the appropriate Federations and receive the approval of the IOC Executive Board before being fully confirmed.

Yoshiro Mori, President of The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, said, “The second IOC –Tokyo 2020 Project Review was held over a two-day period, and I am delighted that together we were able to hold a series of intensive and extremely productive discussions. Our discussions included a wide range of items, including a review of the Games venue plans, the Games vision, personnel management and commercial matters. We are extremely grateful for the valuable advice offered by Chairman of the IOC Coordination Commission, Mr John Coates, and all members of the IOC delegation. We will of course be incorporating this advice into the formulation of our Games Foundation Plan.”

He continued, “I would like to reiterate my fullest assurance that all members of our All-Japan team, made up of representatives from a broad cross-section of Japanese society, are determined to exert our utmost efforts to ensure the delivery of successful 2020 Games.”

The project review visit included a short venue tour and meetings relating to the foundation process of Games planning, including Tokyo’s vision, governance, sport, people management, finance, engagement and legacy. In addition, it was announced during the meeting that Tokyo has signed the Marketing Plan Agreement and is now open for business. The IOC delegation rounded off its visit to Japan by attending an event run by IOC TOP partner GE, which looked at how to deliver the best legacy possible for the Games and for Japan.

The Project Review meetings for Tokyo 2020 are technical visits to the future host city, which are attended by the Coordination Commission Chair and Deputy Chair and serve as interim updates between full Coordination Commission visits. Other Commission members, where appropriate, the Olympic Games Executive Director and members of the IOC administration also participate in Project Review meetings.

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