The Rio 2016 legacy: the new Marina da Glória

14 Apr 2016
RIO 2016 IOC News

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On 7 April, Rio de Janeiro City Hall unveiled an important element of the Rio 2016 Legacy: the new Marina da Glória.

The marina, which will host the sailing events at the Olympic and Paralympic Games later this year, has transformed the city’s waterfront. Forming part of Flamengo Park – the city’s largest outdoor space – the marina also connects Botafogo and Flamengo beaches, opening up to the public an area that was during the last 34 years only accessible to a select few boat owners who used it to berth their vessels.

After the Games, locals and tourists will be able to make full use of the revamped waterfront, thanks to an expanded pedestrian walkway and a new cycle path. Included in the new-look marina are redesigned piers and a new food complex featuring four restaurants and a delicatessen. After the Games, the main hall of the marina will host sports, cultural and entertainment events.

Marina da Glória hosted two test-events for the Rio 2016 Games, in August 2014 and 2015. The local will be delivered to the Organizing Committee on July 13, when it will start following the rules of occupation for all the Olympic and Paralympic venues. After the Games the place is expected to become a major destination for locals and tourists alike, who already see the Flamengo Park as one of the best free leisure venues in the city, with a wide offering of activities including shops, sailing and diving courses, boat rentals, and a dedicated fishing zone.

Marina da Glória is Brazil’s only urban marina. Located close to Rio city centre, it is also near the airport and the Museum of Modern Art.

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