Paola Silva

15 Jan 2012
Athlete Stories

Gymnast, Mexico

Paola Silva IOC

“Before the IOC ACP, my career – both professionally and as a sportswoman – was uncertain. I had faith that great things were about to come my way, but I was not ready to face the inevitable changes. I was excited and nervous at the same time.

With the IOC ACP, I suddenly felt more self-reliant, especially when it came to taking tough decisions. It helped me find my inner strength. I'm definitely a renewed Paola!

It was actually thanks to the IOC ACP that I realised how much my approach to working was somehow shaped by my sport: I am a perfectionist, a hard worker, committed and always striving for excellence.

I now work for an airline accounting centre. I am responsible for all the payment side of it: invoices, cash boxes, and account reconciliations. I want to become a financial expert and in the future help other sports colleagues obtain the working positions they want, because I believe athletes are such a valuable asset for both companies and society!"

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