Original donation for the Olympic Museum

25 Sep 2006

A long white dress, decorated at the bottom with a 3-D winter landscape representing Turin and worn by the banner-carrier of the Italian delegation at the XX Olympic Winter Games, has just been donated to the Olympic Museum. 

The donation was made in the presence of members of K2006, a company belonging to the FilmMaster group, which developed and produced the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and the IOC management.

A Moschino creation

This enchanting costume, designed and made by the famous Moschino workshop, is a real masterpiece of imagination and talent. Its creator, Johann Tann, showed his eye for detail, even going as far as to light up the little house sewn into the dress. It is part of a collection of 80 items, all completely hand-made, worn by the banner-carriers of the countries participating in the Games.

A travelling costume

This dress is sure to join the other objects presented, in February 2007, at an exhibition on the Olympic Museum’s 2006 acquisitions, and may well travel with other Museum treasures to the various extra-mural exhibitions planned in China over the next two years.

Ric and Marco, creative geniuses

Two pillars of the Turin Games ceremonies were present at the donation. With numerous years of experience in television and the production of international events and concerts, Marco Balich was the creative director and executive producer of the Torino 2006 Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Executive producer Ric Birch is not a beginner either – he was master of ceremonies in Los Angeles (1984), Barcelona (1992) and Sydney (2000), and is now looking towards Beijing, in the company of Steven Spielberg. It’s looking promising!

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