Olympic Solidarity to organise additional Continental Athlete Forums this year

The Chair of the Olympic Solidarity Commission, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, met with the Chair and Vice-Chair of the IOC Athletes’ Commission and the Chairs of the Athletes’ Commissions of the five Continental Associations to discuss the ongoing Olympic Solidarity programmes of support towards the organisation of Continental Athlete Forums, in particular, and the support to athletes in general.

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The group reviewed the outcomes of athlete forums that have been organised by the IOC and Olympic Solidarity during this quadrennial; notably the 8th International Athletes’ Forum, the 5th European Athletes’ Forum and the Oceania Athletes’ Forum which together united more than 220 athlete representatives from 65 NOCs and 34 International Federations. The Chairs of the Athletes’ Commissions from the Association of African NOCs (ANOCA), Panam Sports and the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) provided updates on the preparations of their respective Continental Forums to be held in Zimbabwe, the USA and Japan before the end of the year.

In line with the implementation of Olympic Agenda 2020 and the IOC Athletes’ Commission Strategy, the group reiterated the need to use these Forums as effective platforms to debate important topics such as how to strengthen the representative nature of athletes within the sporting structures in the world. The ongoing fight against doping, the services provided by the IOC and the Continental Associations to athletes and the support offered to athletes from grassroots to high-level competition and beyond were also highlighted as priority agenda items for all future forums.

The group reiterated that the fight against doping and education must remain at the forefront of all discussions amongst the networks of Athletes’ Commissions. 

The Chair of the Olympic Solidarity Commission, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, said: “In line with the objectives of Olympic Agenda 2020, Olympic Solidarity offers a programme that supports the organisation of biannual Continental Forums organised by the Continental Association Athletes’ Commissions, and we are keen to strengthen these as we go forward to respond to the ever-changing landscape in world sport.”

The Chair of the IOC Athletes’ Commission, Kirsty Coventry, said: “The Olympic Solidarity Continental Athlete Forums offer one more opportunity to athletes to voice their opinions on matters that concern them. We are pleased that today’s meeting has strengthened the unity and collaboration between the IOC and Continental Associations’ Athletes’ Commissions. The ongoing objective of the Olympic Movement must be to strengthen the voice of the athletes worldwide.”

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