Olympic Agenda 2020 reaches half-time

14 Sep 2017
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As Olympic Agenda 2020 reaches the halfway point in its implementation, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) takes stock of the far-reaching impacts of the strategic roadmap and reviews the profound changes it is having on the IOC and the wider Olympic Movement.

IOC Session Lima IOC/Greg Martin

When we adopted this Agenda, the overarching goal was to strengthen the role of the Olympic Movement in society and in our changing world,” said IOC President Bach. “This year, we are at the halfway point. Since we are in sport, we can say that we played a very good first half. Being in sport also means that leading at half time is not enough. The game is decided in the second half. If we want to win, we have to be as strong in the second half as we were in the first.”

He added: “On this journey, we are together with all of our stakeholders and partners because Olympic Agenda 2020 is a paper for all of our stakeholders.”

Unanimously approved by the IOC at the 127th Session in Monaco in December 2014, Olympic Agenda 2020, the strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement, was designed to safeguard the uniqueness of the Olympic Games and strengthen the role of sport in society.

The 40 detailed recommendations are focussed on three broad pillars that are essential for sport’s ability to have a positive impact on the wider world: credibility, sustainability and youth.

Now, nearly three years on from its adoption and at the halfway point in its implementation, Olympic Agenda 2020 has had a far-reaching bearing on the Olympic Movement affecting everything from how potential host cities tender for the Olympic Games, to embracing sustainability in all its activities, and ensuring that the actions of the IOC and the Olympic Movement are guided by the principles of good governance and integrity.

Watch the interventions and presentations from members of the Olympic Movement and beyond on how Olympic Agenda 2020 is impacting them. 

Read here an overview of the highlights

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