Official reports of the Olympic Games are just a click away

The Olympic Studies Centre has launched a new page on the Olympic World Library that provides instant and easy access to all the Official Reports of the modern Olympic Games – from the first Games held in Athens in 1896 onwards – at the click of a button.

With detailed information on the planning, construction, operations, budget, competition, cultural activities and legacy plan of the Games, the Official Reports are published by the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games in multiple volumes, representing the most comprehensive publication about the Games edition and a unique and invaluable source of reference.

Available in English and French and digitised for easy and direct access, these documents are designed to make the planning and staging of the Games easily understood to researchers and enthusiasts around the world.

“In addition to the Official Reports, users can also find and explore all other publications from the Organising Committee,” says Maria Bogner, Head of the Olympic Studies Centre. “For example, from London 2012 alone, we have 355 publications from the Organising Committee just in English.”

These publications include documents like the Media Guide, Spectator Guide, Sustainability Reports, Venue and Sports Information Pack, Design Strategies, Marketing Reports, Anti-Doping Rules and many other operational and strategic reports and publications.


“These collections are a treasure trove of information for all those looking to understand and research how the Games were planned and delivered,” explains Bogner. “The Official Reports collection was already digitised and online years ago, but we have now made it accessible more easily with the launch of this new page.”

“In our specific mission to foster and support education, learning and research, the team of the Olympic Studies Centre is dedicated to acquiring and digitising the most relevant resources, and making them accessible to anyone looking for official sources,” she adds. “We put substantial effort into keeping all our key collections and thematic publications and pages in the Olympic World Library up to date.”

“We are proud that we can make over 10,000 documents accessible in digital format. Our users can also search by keywords or navigate the table of contents and directly access pages of specific interest.”

Via the Olympic World Library, Olympic knowledge is made accessible to readers and researchers around the world. The unique collection, with over 36,000 titles, offers users unprecedented direct access to all official publications of the IOC and the Organising Committees since the foundation of the IOC in 1894.

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