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07 Jun 2021

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11 June 2021

NOC of Morocco

Staff from the NOC of Morocco took part in a webinar on 3 June organised by Olympic Solidarity, on the topic of financial guidelines, reporting and auditing. With respect to the ongoing preparations for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, the NOC continues to hold individual meetings with its sports federations. More info at

07 June 2021

On 2 June, the Moroccan NOC’s Digital Olympic Academy organised a video conference on the theme “The role and usefulness of insurance in sports practice”. This video conference was attended by representatives of Worldwide Olympic Partner Allianz. In addition, NOC Vice-President Hamid Lahlou-Kamal was elected 3rd Vice-President of the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) at the ANOCA General Assembly held in May in Cairo (Egypt). More info here.

25 May 2021

Moroccan NOC

The Moroccan NOC held its ordinary general assembly on 19 May at the Prince Moulay Abdellah Sports Complex in Rabat. The topics discussed included the accounts for 2019 and 2020. Those attending also watched a video message from the IOC President. More info here. In addition, the NOC’s Digital Olympic Academy held a videoconference on “Genetics and Sport: the impact of heredity on sports performance”. More details on

23 April 2021

The Executive Committee of the NOC of Morocco, whose President is Faïçal Laraichi, held its 28th meeting, by videoconference, on 15 April. The subjects addressed included: the ethical and financial reports of 2019 and 2020; the date of the next NOC Ordinary General Assembly; support for the relevant national federations for the Olympic Games; logistical preparations for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020; and the status of Moroccan qualification. The programme of the next videoconferences of the NOC’s Digital Olympic Academy were also addressed. More details here.

Moroccan NOC

To mark the IDSP, the Moroccan NOC organised two Olympic visits to the Imam Ali and Al Massira schools on 2 and 6 April.
On both occasions, the NOC reminded the schoolchildren of the Olympic values and their contribution to breaking down barriers and promoting peace within and between nations. More details here. In addition, the NOC recently held two videoconferences on the themes of “sports nutrition during Ramadan” and “How to adapt your training during Ramadan”. More details on

15 February 2021

Moroccan NOC

On 4 February, Moroccan NOC (CNOM) President Faïçal Laraichi (right of photo) met International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) President Vladimir Lisin (left of photo), accompanied by the acting President of the Royal Moroccan Shooting Sport Federation, Abdeladim Lhafi, at the CNOM headquarters. During the meeting, they discussed future cooperation between the two parties to develop sport shooting both nationally and internationally, following the success of the fourth edition of the ISSF Moroccan Sport Shooting Grand Prix held in Rabat between 28 January and 6 February. The CNOM has also held a meeting on preparations for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 with the Sports Department of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, and another on coordinating the fight against doping in 2021 with the Moroccan Anti-Doping Agency and the Regional Anti-Doping Organisation. More details on

08 February 2021

On 27 January, the Moroccan NOC’s Digital Olympic Academy organised a videoconference on “How to bounce back with optimism during a crisis”. On the same day, the NOC took part in a webinar for the French-speaking African countries, organised in the framework of the series of the IOC-INTERPOL webinars on the prevention of the manipulation of competitions. The NOC also held a videoconference with the Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency to discuss the planned energy audit of the NOC headquarters. More details on

01 February 2021

On 14 January, the Moroccan NOC took part in a webinar organised by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee concerning COVID-19 countermeasures. The NOC also launched its weekly digital newsletter, which features a selection of Olympic and sports news. Info at

7 December 2020

At the end of November, the Moroccan NOC’s technical team held a meeting to assess the monitoring of the federations and to organise a videoconference with the scholarship holders preparing for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. The NOC also contributed to the work of the coordination meeting of the Regional Academy of Education and Training, before meeting representatives from the country’s sports authorities and discussing the national sports programme. In addition, the NOC teams began recording the “Words of Champions” programme with Moroccan athletes hoping to compete at Tokyo 2020. More info at

23 November 2020

On 12 November, the Moroccan NOC took part in the coordination meeting of the Regional Academy of Education and Training. Several days earlier, the NOC’s operations team had met to assess the support being provided to federations and the monitoring of Moroccan athletes preparing for the Olympic Games. In addition, in the context of the fight against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the NOC organised a new testing session on 9 November for all its staff. More info at

16 November 2020

The Moroccan NOC organised several activities in early November. On 3 November, the NOC’s operational team met to assess support for the federations and the progress of the JIL 24 / 28 project (which aims to help Moroccan athletes prepare and participate in major international events up to 2028). The following day, the NOC took part in the work of the coordination meeting of the Regional Academy of Education and Training. The same day, the NOC Chef de Mission held a videoconference with the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. More info at

30 October 2020

NOC of Morocco

As part of a series of Olympic visits, the NOC of Morocco recently received a group of young athletes from the national table tennis team to introduce them to Morocco’s Olympic history (see photo). In addition, in cooperation with the Regional Anti-Doping Organisation (RADO), the NOC organised a doping awareness session for the national judo and taekwondo teams. More info at

05 October 2020

Moroccan NOC

On 19 September, the Moroccan NOC organised an anti-doping awareness session in El Jadida, in cooperation with the Regional Anti-Doping Organisation (RADO). The session brought together a number of Moroccan weightlifters training to qualify for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. In addition, the NOC’s technical team held a meeting to take stock of the progress being made with preparations for Tokyo 2020. More info at

22 May 2020

The Moroccan NOC has been involved in numerous actions to support the national sports movement during the lockdown period caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. These have included videoconferences on sports-related topics for national technical directors, coaches and athletes; videoconferences with national federation leaders to help them continue supporting the preparation of athletes for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and inform them of the latest news from the IOC; the launch of an awareness-raising campaign on social media, with videos of athletes encouraging Moroccans to stay at home and comply with the health guidelines; and a contribution by the NOC to the national fund set up to help people in financial difficulties due to the pandemic. More details on

09 March 2020

Moroccan NOC

As part of its training and support strategy for the Moroccan royal federations, the Moroccan NOC held a seminar on organising sports projects with three international experts from INUKSUIT, a company put forward by Olympic Solidarity. More than 30 federations were represented at this seminar, which took place in two phases: on 18 and 19 February for the national technical directors and the coaches of the national teams; and on 20 and 21 February for the federations’ sports leaders. The seminar aims to provide participants with concrete tools to help them better design and prepare their sports projects. More info here.

14 may 2019

Morrocan NOC

In the framework of its “Olympic Scholarship Tokyo 2020” programme, the Moroccan NOC organised a meeting on 16 April with the 10 athletes chosen by Olympic Solidarity for its qualification and preparation for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 programme (photo above). The presidents and national technical directors of the federations concerned also attended, to talk about how the scholarship procedure will work. More details here. In addition, in the framework of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on 6 April, the NOC organised an open day devoted to the history of Olympism in Morocco. This event was a great success, and provided a chance to promote the Olympic values and the principles of peace and tolerance to 250 young athletes from more than 20 federations.

08 March 2019

Moroccan NOC

In cooperation with the Moroccan NOC, the Royal Archery Federation of Morocco organised a course for 10 national and international trainers at the Moulay Rachid National Sports Centre. Held in February under the auspices of Olympic Solidarity, the course is part of a refresher programme for trainers with a view to developing archery in Morocco. More info here.

01 March 2019

Moroccan NOC

The Moroccan NOC has just informed us that, at the Moulay Rachid National Sports Centre, the Royal Moroccan Rowing Federation last year organised a training session for 27 national coaches, under the aegis of Olympic Solidarity. For the Federation, this session meets the objectives of its 2016-2021 project, for which the motto is “train to win”. The Federation is thus seeking to train rowing technical managers to promote the growth of the sport and prepare the human resources needed to use the new boats that will be purchased in order to develop the national sports structure. More info here.

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