New E-learning programme promotes sustainable sport events

Today saw the official launch of the Sport Sustainability E-Learning programme developed by the International Academy of Sport Science and Technology (AISTS) with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and SportAccord as Principal Supporting Partners.

The new and user-friendly programme will provide sports organisations with the information and support they need to start, or continue, their journey in making their sports events more sustainable. The programme consists of four modules covering the key aspects of sustainability for sports events, namely; the business case for sustainability, the ISO 20121 Management System, Reporting and Impact Assessment.

Learn about the Sport Sustainability E-Learning modules here

Easy and practical approach

“It is about translating and applying international standards into the framework of sports events and integrating sustainability into our normal way of thinking”, said Gilbert Felli, IOC Olympic Games Executive Director, on the occasion of the launch. He added: “This is a process that takes time, education and structure, and the new AISTS programme offers an easy and practical approach to this important topic.”

Sustainability and the IOC

Sport has demonstrated its potential as a catalyst for creating more sustainable, healthy, urban and non-urban environments and economies. The IOC is committed to helping the Olympic Movement to improve sustainability in the organisation of sports events in order to educate, raise awareness and maximise the benefits to organisers and local communities alike. The format of the new Sport Sustainability E-Learning programme is particularly suited to events organised by International Federations and National Olympic Committees.

Participants in one or more of the Sport Sustainability E-Learning modules will automatically receive free access to the AISTS’s Sustainable Sport and Event toolkit, as well as to EventSustainability, an online monitoring, measuring and reporting tool which is aligned with existing international reporting standards, to demonstrate sustainability progress and achievements. 

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