Meet Erin Kennedy, the United States’ Young Ambassador for Singapore 2010

08 Jun 2010
Singapore 2010 YOG

My name is Erin Kennedy and I am the Young Ambassador for the United States. I am 24 years old and live in the beautiful state of Colorado, working as Youth Development Manager for USA Rugby, our national governing body for the sport of rugby within the United States. My job entails creating opportunities for kids to play rugby all over the country.

I completed a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Psychology (at Marywood University) and an M.A. in Sport and Performance Psychology (at the University of Denver).

My sporting background consists mainly of cross country, softball and basketball. I currently participate recreationally in rugby, triathlons, cycling, marathons and softball. I also remain active in the outdoor playground that Colorado has to offer.

I've received some awards in the sports that I have played, but the biggest achievement for me was taking my experience with sport and turning it into a career that I am incredibly passionate about.

I am incredibly excited about my role as a Young Ambassador. Every day that I come into work is a day that I look forward to, because I know that I am helping to make a difference in the lives of children through sport. To now extend that role to the Youth Olympic Games is an opportunity I would have only dreamed of. I was able to take my experience with sport and extend that to a career that I am passionate about.

My mission as a Young Ambassador is to help these young athletes take what they are learning and developing through sport and use that in other areas of their lives in order to be leaders not only in sport, but also in life. Through working directly with the athletes, as well as promoting the Games to the youth of the United States, I am confident that I can help to make a difference. Sport is an incredible platform for being successful in life and it is my goal to help the world see that.

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