IOC President calls on members of the Olympic Movement to contribute directly to the debate on ‘Olympic Agenda 2020’

14 Mar 2014
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International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach today called on individual members from National Olympic Committees and International Federations to make a direct contribution to the debate on the future of the Olympic Movement.

He urged them to add their voice to the debate on Olympic Agenda 2020 via email at

The President also asked for members of the public who wanted to make a contribution to send their views to the IOC. The deadline for submissions is 15 April.

It follows a wide-ranging debate at the 126th IOC Session in Sochi, where members discussed a strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement.

The debate is centred around three overarching themes of sustainability, credibility and youth, and is structured into five themes:

1. Uniqueness of the Olympic Games
2. Athletes at the heart of the Olympic Movement
3. Olympism in action: keeping Olympism alive 365 days a year
4. The IOC’s role: unity in diversity
5. IOC structure and organisation

Working Groups are currently being set up to bring together the contributions. The process will culminate in Monaco on 6 and 7 December 2014 when proposals for Olympic Agenda 2020 will be presented for approval to an IOC Extraordinary Session.

“We have had lively and constructive discussions,” said President Bach. “But the dialogue is far from over and it is important that we receive as many contributions as possible. I would particularly like to hear the individual views of members of our key stakeholders: the National Olympic Committees and the International Federations. But of course we would welcome the views of members of the public who are interested in having a say in the future of the Olympic Movement. Every contribution is welcome.”

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