IOC Executive Board discusses NOC matters

30 May 2013
IOC News

During its three-day meeting in St Petersburg alongside the SportAccord Convention, the IOC Executive Board (EB) today heard updates on a number of topics, including government interference, at different National Olympic Committees (NOCs).

NOC of India

The EB took note of the progress made following fruitful meetings between the IOC and the Indian Sports Minister and representatives of national sports federations belonging to the suspended Indian Olympic Association (IOA) on 15 May in Lausanne. The IOC has subsequently provided a roadmap that lays out the steps to be completed by the suspended IOA as a prerequisite for lifting the suspension. Under the IOC’s supervision, the IOA’s constitution should be reviewed and amended no later than 15 July 2013 to ensure that all standards of good governance and ethics are effectively addressed. In addition, the IOA’s elections should be organised no later than 1 September 2013 on the basis of the newly amended IOA constitution and the Olympic Charter. It was also agreed with the Sports Minister that the autonomy of the Olympic Movement in India will be fully respected and a fruitful relationship between the government of India and the Olympic Movement will be established.

NOC of Pakistan

The EB noted with great concern that the situation of the Olympic Movement in Pakistan has deteriorated due to the creation of a parallel body to the NOC by a group of federations supported by government authorities, in particular the Pakistan Sports Board. The IOC has reiterated on several occasions that it will not accept such a body, which stands in clear contrast to the basic principles of the Olympic Charter, and will recognise only the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA), currently headed by Gen. (Retired) Syed Arif Hasan, as the sole entity entitled to act as the NOC of Pakistan. All the IOC’s efforts to reach a mutual understanding have been ignored by this parallel body and the government authorities so far. The EB therefore highlighted that if this parallel body (supported by government authorities) continues to disrupt the operations of the legitimate POA, in particular by organising new “elections” outside the POA and by preventing the POA from exercising its activities as foreseen by the Olympic Charter, Pakistan will be suspended from the Olympic Movement with all consequences this implies.

NOC of Ecuador

Following a meeting between the IOC, the Acting President of the NOC of Ecuador and the President of Ecuador, Mr Rafael Correa, the EB noted with satisfaction that Mr Correa had expressed his readiness to cooperate with the Olympic Movement to resolve the current conflict on the basis of an agreement already signed by the Sports Minister, the IOC and the NOC of Ecuador in May 2012. It was confirmed that new elections in the sports federations affiliated to the NOC will be conducted under the supervision of an election commission and in close coordination with the IFs concerned. The IOC EB expects this process to be fully respected and implemented. If not, appropriate measures – including suspension – will be considered in order to protect the Olympic Movement in Ecuador. The first step, to be completed by the election commission no later than 15 June 2013, is to determine the procedural arrangements and deadlines for the election process.

Como consecuencia de la reunion que mantuvieron hace unos dias el Presidente de Ecuador, Sr. Rafael Correa, el COI y el Presidente Interino del Comité Olimpico Ecuatoriano, la Comisión Ejecutiva del CIO toma nota con gran satisfacción de la firme voluntad expresada por el Sr. Correa, en cuanto a cooperar con el Movimiento Olimpico, para resolver los conflictos que existen actualmente, y ello sobre las bases del acuerdo firmado en Mayo del 2012 entre el Ministro de Deportes del Ecuador, el COI y el Comité Olimpico Ecuatoriano. Se confirmó que deben desarrollarse nuevas elecciones en las Federaciones Nacionales miembros del COE, y que dichos procesos electorales se desarrollarán bajo la supervisión de la Comisión Electoral, que actuará en total coordinación con las Federaciones Internacionales del deporte correspondiente. La Comisión Ejecutiva del COI confia en que este proceso sea totalmente respetado y llevado a término según lo acordado. Caso contrario, se deberán tomar las medidas que se consideren oportunas –incluyendo la suspensión- a efectos de proteger al Movimiento Olimpico en el Ecuador. El primer paso a completar por la Comisión Electoral, antes del 15 de Junio y dentro del proceso previsto, deberá ser el determinar los procedimientos detallados y plazos para los distintos procesos electorales acordados.

NOC of Sierra Leone

The IOC EB was informed of the recent action taken by the Sports Ministry to challenge the NOC elections of 11 May 2013 and to “suspend” the NOC – a clear conflict with the principle of autonomy of the Olympic Movement. It was agreed that the IOC will send a letter to the Sports Minister to explain the IOC’s position as well as the basic principles and rules that govern the Olympic Movement. The IOC EB subsequently expects the autonomy and the activities of the NOC to be fully respected. If not, protective measures as outlined in Rule 27.9 of the Olympic Charter will be considered.



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