IOC Announces Next Steps in Restructuring of its Administration

Organisation chart creates framework for development of IOC operations

 Following the recommendations of the audits launched by International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge after his election, and conducted within the organisation last year, the IOC has now put in place a new organisation chart for its administration, headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, which will provide a framework for the future development of its operations.

Under Rogge’s presidency, all operational business functions of the IOC administration, together with those of the Olympic Museum and the IOC-owned or partly owned companies, i.e. Olympic Broadcast Services (OBS), Olympic Games Knowledge Services (OGKS) and Meridian Management, will report to full-time Director General Urs Lacotte.  In addition, Lacotte, who took up his post on 3 November, will manage the IOC directors, including those recently appointed, namely Olympic Games Executive Director Gilbert Felli, Sports Director Kelly Fairweather, Information Management Director Philippe Blanchard and Olympic Museum Director Francis Gabet. Michael Payne, formerly IOC Marketing Director for 15 years, takes up a new role as Director of Global Broadcast and Media Rights, created in response to the growing importance and complexity of broadcast rights.  The IOC’s marketing operations, including the Olympic Partner Programme (TOP), are run directly by Meridian Management, which is 100% owned by the IOC.

Commenting on this next step in the IOC’s development, President Rogge said: “The audits clearly demonstrated that the IOC administration needed a new organisational structure. Putting this structure in place will provide the necessary framework for the administration to go on to develop its operations in line with the direction of the IOC Executive Board."

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