German President visits the Olympic Museum

11 Mar 2004
IOC News

The President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Johannes Rau, visited the Olympic Museum in Lausanne on 11 March 2004. On this occasion, the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Jacques Rogge, honoured him with the Olympic Order in Gold.

Olympic Order in Gold
The Olympic Order in Gold was awarded to Rau in recognition of his outstanding merit in the cause of world sport, and his faithfulness to the Olympic ideal, as illustrated by Pierre de Coubertin, the restorer of the Olympic Games. “As you know, sport is, in essence, the only language understood by everyone, and an important element that unites people”, the IOC President said in his speech, stressing that President Rau had worked tirelessly for the unity of Germany and for reconciliation and dialogue between peoples, hence contributing to building a peaceful and better world, in line with the fundamental principles of the Olympic Movement.

Overall view of the history of the Games
President Rau was very interested in the Olympic Museum and its permanent exhibitions. During his half-hour tour, he had the opportunity to gain an overall view of the history and the most memorable highlights of the Olympic Games, including the tragic events in Munich in 1972.

A living Museum
In 2003, the Olympic Museum welcomed its two-millionth visitor. Since its inauguration in June 1993, this represents some 200,000 visitors per year. A living temple of sport and culture, the Olympic Museum has become the second most-visited museum in Switzerland. It’s the place where the Games never stop….. !

High-ranking delegation
Before visiting the Museum, President Rau and his delegation met at the IOC Headquarters in Lausanne with IOC President Rogge, IOC Vice-President Thomas Bach, IOC members Walter Tröger and Roland Baar, the President of the National Olympic Committee for Germany, Klaus Steinbach, and IOC Director General Urs Lacotte.

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