Election Committee is announced as votes open in three days for four spots on the IOC Athletes’ Commission


21 Jul 2016

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has nominated six representatives to form the Election Committee to oversee the IOC Athletes’ Commission election, which will kick off in just a few days, once the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro opens on 24 July.

With 23 Olympians in the running, the Election Committee will be responsible for ensuring that the procedures and regulations are followed at all times as well as certifying the final vote count. Voting will take place from 24 July to 17 August at the IOC Space, located at the entrance of the dining hall in the Olympic Village, in addition to the hotels of the five football cities.

The Committee is composed of the following individuals: Nicole Hoevertsz (Chair of the IOC Election Committee and representing the IOC Legal Affairs Commission); Guy Canivet (representing the IOC Ethics Commission); James Tomkins (representing the IOC Athletes’ Commission); Dagmawit Girmay Berhane (representing the IOC Members Election Commission); José Perurena (representing the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF)); and Mikaela Cojuangco Jaworski (representing ANOC).

Four seats on the IOC Athletes’ Commission will become available with current members Claudia Bokel, Dae Sung Moon, Alexander Popov and Yumilka Ruiz Luaces finishing their terms of office this summer. All athletes participating in the Olympic Games Rio 2016 will be eligible to vote. They will be asked to elect four candidates from four different sports to ensure a varied representation from the Olympic sports programme.

While 24 candidates were approved by the IOC Executive Board last December, Alessandra Sensini, candidate from Italy, has since withdrawn her candidature. For the complete list of candidates eager to commit to the important role of representing all Olympic athletes, click here

The results will be announced on 18 August in the Olympic Village. After approval by the IOC Session, the four elected athletes will become IOC Members for an eight-year term of office.

As reaffirmed in Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC is committed to placing athletes at the heart of the Olympic Movement and strengthening support to clean athletes on and off the field of play. The IOC Athletes’ Commission and its upcoming elections at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro play an important and unique role in this regard.

Created in 1981, the IOC Athletes' Commission is the link between Olympic athletes and the IOC and serves as the athletes' voice within the Olympic Movement. Since 1996, the majority of the Commission’s members have been elected by their peers during an edition of the Olympic Games. Members of the Athletes’ Commission are involved in the IOC’s main commissions and working groups. The Chair of the Athletes’ Commission, a position currently held by Claudia Bokel, serves as a Member of the IOC Executive Board and thus represents the athletes’ interests at the highest level.

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