Eight Cities Confirm Desire to Host XXI Winter Olympic Games in 2010

04 Jun 2002
IOC News Press Release

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (4 June 2002)

- The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today confirmed that eight cities have submitted their applications to be considered as candidates to host the XXI Winter Olympic Games in 2010. The cities were confirmed as: Vancouver (Canada), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Jaca (Spain), Salzburg (Austria), Pyeongchang (Korea), Harbin (People's Republic of China), Bern (Switzerland), and Andorra La Vella (Andorra).

All eight cities submitted a completed copy of the questionnaire they had received last December, by the IOC deadline of midnight on 31st May. The questionnaire, which asks applicant cities to give information on a wide variety of criteria, including sports and telecommunications infrastructure, transportation and accommodation facilities, environmental conditions and finance, is part of the new bidding process developed as a result of the IOC reforms passed in December 1999.

The eight questionnaires will be studied by a working group comprising members of the IOC administration and external persons who will assess the applicant cities' ability to organise and stage high level international multi-sports events against a set of eleven criteria. The findings of the study will be presented by the working group to the IOC Executive Board at its meeting in Lausanne on 28-29 August, and the list of candidate cities will then be drawn up, from which the host city will be elected and announced during the 115th IOC Session in Prague in July 2003.

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