Design students to create the “Look” of Lillehammer 2016

08 May 2013

The second Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer in 2016 may still be a few years away, but for 24 Norwegian students, the Games are on.

Demonstrating the true YOG spirit, the students from the local Gjøvik University College have been asked to imagine the emblem and overall “look” of Lillehammer 2016.

And the clock is ticking! These young designers will have to present their final ideas in front of a jury in mid-June. Three projects will then be shortlisted for presentation to the Board of Directors of Lillehammer’s Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (LYOGOC), after which one project will be selected for review and final approval by the International Olympic Committee.

“Being an event for, with and by young people, we knew we wanted to give this design project to young people, and we are delighted that Gjøvik University College accepted our challenge,” commented Atle Roll-Matthiesen, CEO of LYOGOC. “A vital part of the YOG is about learning, and Lillehammer 2016 offers the design students a prestigious project that we are certain all of them will grow from, no matter who will be designing the final suggestion.”

Talking about the project, one student exclaimed: “It is great fun and really motivating that they are trusting us with this important task for them. This is very exciting!”

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