Day 1 of the IOC Executive Board Meeting - Part 2

The afternoon session of day one of the IOC Executive Board meeting concentrated on three key reports - those of the Ethics Commission, the Marketing Commission and the Olympic Programme Commission.

The Chairman of the Ethics Commission, Judge Keba Mbaye, presented Pâquerette Girard Zappelli, the commissions new 'special representative' who took up the post in autumn 2002. The commission then updated the EB on the complaint received by the British NGO "Indict" against the Iraqi NOC and its President, Mr Uday Hussein. The commission informed the board that it is looking into the claim, and that in respect for the rules of procedure, especially concerning issues of confidentiality, it is not possible to make public the commissions work before its conclusions have been submitted to the EB. As soon as these conclusions and possible recommendations have reached the IOC President, they will be made public.

The Marketing Commission Chairman, Gerhard Heiberg, updated the EB members on the TOP 6 sponsorship programme, informing them that the project is ahead of schedule, with 8 sponsors already signed up. Good progress is being made in Beijing regarding marketing activities, and in addition, the IOC has signed a deal with Schenker as IOC supplier in the category of freight forwarding.

The day closed with Mr Carraro's report on the Olympic Programme Commission's review of the disciplines and events which make up the Olympic Games. After the presentation and ensuing discussion by the EB members, a series of decisions on the programme of the 2008 Olympic Games were taken (see link below for further information), and the Programme Commission’s objectives and working timetable were approved.

Photo: François Carrard (left) and Gilbert Felli.

Decisions by the IOC on disciplines and events, objectives and timetable
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