Celebrating the power of sport on 6 April!

“Sport has its own language, and everyone can speak it. It’s a language of hope, where anything is possible.”

In the space of a few minutes, and on the occasion of the first-ever International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on 6 April, Olympians, international leaders and young people in the above video remind us how sport unites and inspires; how it can break barriers and make a real difference in communities and countries across the world. The clip features unforgettable sporting moments and actions at grassroots level alike.

While sport cannot resolve all the world’s ills, it can make an important contribution towards resolving some serious problems; and the IOC has, over the decades, established a strong partnership with the United Nations (UN), expert organizations and civil society at large to tap the full potential of sport.

On 6 April, the IOC and the Olympic Movement will be joining in global celebrations of sport as a catalyst for social change, development and peace in a number of ways including: showcasing how their contribution to sports development has benefited people; use this day as a platform to call for action, and advocate greater investment in sport, related infrastructures, physical education and access to sports programmes.

International Day on 6 April is also a perfect opportunity to learn how sport has changed YOUR life or YOUR community. Share YOUR story using #betterworld2014 on the Olympic platforms. 

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