Beijing: National Stadium highlights "Green Olympics"

09 Jan 2004
IOC News

During a recent interview on the BOCOG official website, Yu Xiaoxuan, Deputy Director of the Environmental Activity Department of the Beijing Organising Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG), said the construction of the National Stadium would highlight the concept of environmental protection in five aspects.

Advanced energy-saving design
The spectator stands and several other parts of the National Stadium will fully utilise natural ventilation and lighting instead of mechanical and artificial means so as to minimise energy consumption.

Rationalised water supply, ventilation and air conditioning systems
Certain parts of the National Stadium will adopt a triple-pump system consisting of a geothermal pump, a cold water unit and a hot water unit. This system will fully utilise the renewable energy of geothermal heat to generate a simultaneous supply of cooling in summer, heating in winter and hot water for daily use.

Rationalised utilisation of water resources and environment protection
BOCOG has compiled two special research reports: "The Water Recycling Project for the National Stadium" and "The Project of Exploiting Rain and Flood Water for the National Stadium". The purpose of these two reports is to effectively raise the recycling rate of various water resources and to reduce pressure on urban utilities in terms of water supply and drainage.

Use of clean energy
The stadium is adopting various efficient and energy-saving lighting sources to protect the environment. Lighting in outdoor areas such as the pedestrian square will use a solar-energy-powered lighting system as much as possible. The heating, ventilation, air conditioning and fire-fighting systems in the stadium will use environment-friendly non-freonmaterials, as well as other proactive measures to protect the ozone layer.

Adoption of environment-friendly construction materials and optimisation of waste recycling
All construction and decoration materials used will be energy saving and environment friendly. They will meet national technical requirements and the Guide for Environment Protection in Olympic Construction Projects so as to minimise pollution. The stadium will set up adequate devices for gathering and processing solid wastes so as to achieve an optimised level of waste recycling.

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