10 Jul 2017 IOC News

IOC Executive Board concludes meetings with governance report from IMD

IOC/Greg Martin

Today the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board wrapped up two days of meetings, ahead of tomorrow’s 2024 Candidate City Briefing and 130th Session, with a review of the IOC’s governance structures and processes.

Given the continuing evolution of good governance practice, the IOC officially contracted the world-renowned International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland, and its Global Board Centre to undertake research into good governance at the IOC itself. 

A summary of recommendations stemming from this review were presented by the Board Director of the IMD Global Board Centre, Professor Cossin, to the IOC Executive Board today. 

The review shows that while in most areas, the IOC is building on the solid governance structures and processes strengthened by Olympic Agenda 2020, introducing reinforced practices in certain areas would enable it to build its resilience and leadership position, fulfil its mission to society in its fullest and serve as a best-in-class example in a global arena in need of positive governance examples. 

Read the summary of recommendations from IMD 

The IOC has remained committed to being a strong values-based organisation and a leader in the field of sport, with the aim of being a model of governance quality. Building on Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC’s strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement, the report encourages the IOC’s existing efforts and proposes further ideas to reinforce the IOC’s initiatives in a number of areas prepare the organisation for the evolution it may face and need to adapt to in the years to come.