03 Jan 2022 Beijing 2022

Beijing 2022 reveals Victory Ceremony elements

Beijing 2022
Marking the start of the new year, the Beijing 2022 Organising Committee has revealed the podiums, costumes and various other elements related to the Victory Ceremonies for the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Beijing 2022’s Victory Ceremonies will celebrate the achievements of the Olympic and Paralympic medallists.

The podiums, where medals will be presented in venues, are made of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. Coloured sky blue, in keeping with the main colour of the Beijing 2022 Games, they also incorporate core graphics combined with ice and snow lines.

Beijing 2022

The Victory Ceremony costumes consist of three sets of clothing – titled “Lucky Snow and Cloud”, “Great Landscape” and “Flying Snow in Tang Dynasty”. Each set includes the likes of jackets, hats, gloves, boots and even self-heating thermal underwear.

The “Lucky Snow and Cloud” design will be worn in all snow event competition venues. It is based on two Chinese traditional symbols of “snow” and “clouds”. The colours are sky blue and sunlight red, combining traditional Chinese cross-collar right gussets and jackets with modern clothing. While refining the core graphic elements of the Beijing 2022 Games, the technique of gold-blue-green landscape painting in traditional Chinese painting is integrated into the embroidery, while the dress highlights Chinese charm, with modern and simple design techniques.

The “Great Landscape” costumes will be used in all ice event victory ceremonies. Inspired by a famous Chinese painting, “A Thousand Miles of Mountains and Rivers”, the design combines techniques used in Chinese landscape painting, with the core graphics of the Beijing 2022 Games. It mixes classic and modern, with the blue and white landscapes on the clothing achieving a simple, elegant and fresh visual appearance.

The design of the “Flying Snow in Tang Dynasty” will be used at the Medals Plaza throughout the Games. This series is inspired by the Chinese traditional fabrics of the Tang Dynasty, using flower and snowflake patterns with the light patterns in the core graphics of the Beijing 2022 Games. Design elements have also been incorporated to illustrate Beijing’s welcoming of people from across the world to participate in the Games.

Beijing 2022

Other elements revealed include exclusive customised mascot gifts for medallists. These are based on the official mascots – Bing Dwen Dwen and Shuey Rhon Rhon. They will be adorned by a wreath woven of pine, bamboo and plum – known as the “Three Friends of the Cold”. These materials symbolise “tenacity, vigorous vitality, and express praise, respect and good wishes to the medallist”.

In addition, aligning with Beijing 2022’s concept of delivering frugal and sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games, hand-knitted bouquets will be presented to the medallists. The cashmere bouquet not only retains the shape of the real bouquets presented in previous Olympic and Paralympic victory ceremonies, but also implements the concept of sustainability. They include six types of flowers, including rose, Chinese rose, lily of the valley, hydrangea, laurel and olive, which symbolise friendship, tenacity, happiness, unity, victory and peace respectively.

The Olympic Winter Games will take place between 4 and 20 February 2022, and the Paralympic Winter Games will be held from 4 until 13 March 2022.