2021 PhD Students and Early Career Academics Research Grants awarded

In the framework of the PhD Students and Early Career Academics Research Grant Programme, The Olympic Studies Centre (OSC) has selected six research projects based on their academic quality and link with Olympic studies.

IOC / Catherine Leutenegger

The selected candidates and their chosen projects are:

  1. Jinsu BYUN (Republic of Korea)
    A Comparative Case Study of the Governance of Post-Olympic Games Legacy Organizations
    University of Georgia (USA)
  2. Helene JORGENSEN (Norway)
    A Grounded Theory of Personal Development: Promoting Olympism in High Performance Athletes
    University of Alberta (Canada)
  3. Olivier Y. ROUQUETTE (Belgium)
    The influence of perceived responsiveness and competence support from significant others on athletes’ performances and thriving
    Swansea University (Great Britain)
  4. Katelynn SLADE (USA)
    On understanding challenging Coach-Athlete interactions: The grey zone
    Loughborough University (Great Britain)
  5. Robert SROKA (Canada)
    It Takes a Village: An Inventory and Analysis of Athletes' Villages in the United Kingdom
    University of Northumbria at Newcastle (Great Britain)
  6. Krista VAN SLINGERLAND (Canada)
    Mental health, mental illness, and athletic performance in Canadian high-performance sport: What reality are athletes facing as they prepare for the 2021 Olympic and Paralympic Games amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?
    University of Ottawa (Canada)

The chosen candidates benefit from a grant which allows them to carry out their research project and, if relevant, to consult The Olympic Studies Centre’s resources in Lausanne (Switzerland). The results of their research must be submitted to the OSC at the end of 2021.

30 candidates from 19 countries and 5 continents applied

For this 22nd edition of the programme, 20 applications were submitted by doctoral students and 10 by early career academics.

Background of the programme

The PhD Students and Early Career Academics Grant Programme is one of the two research programmes that has been organised by the OSC, aiming to support Olympic-related academic research since 1999. It contributes to promote the presence of Olympic studies in the universities by reaching out to the next generation of professors.

What is the selection process?

The grant holders were selected by a committee of academic experts renowned for the quality of their research linked to Olympism and/or their involvement in Olympic studies. The selection committee for the 2021 edition of the programme comprised the following members: Marion Keim (University of the Western Cape, South Africa), Sigmund Loland (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Norway), Ana Maria Miragaya (Universidade Estàcio de Sà, Brazil), Hisashi Sanada (Tsukuba University, Japan), Benoît Seguin (University of Ottawa, Canada), Tracy Taylor (Victoria University, Australia), Thierry Zintz (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium) as well as OSC representatives.

Other research grant opportunities

University professors, lecturers and research fellows who have completed their doctorate and who currently hold an academic/research appointment covering the period of the grant are eligible to apply to the Advanced Olympic Research Grant Programme.

This programme aims to promote advanced research by established researchers with a humanities or social sciences perspective in priority fields of research, which are identified annually by the IOC. See here for additional information.

The deadline to submit applications to the 2021/2022 edition of the Advanced programme is 1 February 2021.

The full list of research projects funded by The Olympic Studies Centre since the creation of its grant programmes in 1999 is available here. The list is organised by theme and with links to the full text versions online when available.

For more information on The Olympic Studies Centre and its programmes and services, visit its website or contact studies.centre@olympic.org. To discover the full OSC’s collections including 35,000 publications and 1.5km of IOC historical archives, visit the Olympic World Library.

The Olympic Studies Centre is part of the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage and is the recognised source of reference for Olympic knowledge. Its mission is to make Olympic knowledge accessible, foster academic research and support the academic community engaged in Olympic studies.

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