2018/2019 Advanced Olympic Research Grants awarded

20 Jun 2018

In the framework of the fifth edition of the Advanced Olympic Research Grant Programme, The Olympic Studies Centre (OSC) has selected seven research projects, underlining their academic quality and significance with respect to the priority fields of research identified by the IOC.

The 2018/2019 Advanced Olympic Research Grant winners
  1. A multinational, multi-study examination of social media use, strategy and experience in Olympic and Paralympic sport: Toward the development of social media good practice advice for athletes, sports organisations and the media
    Research Team: Chris WAGSTAFF (University of Portsmouth – Great Britain) and Elsa KRISTIANSEN (University College of Southeast - Norway)
  2. Benchmarking the Buenos Aires 2018 Athletes' perspective for a longitudinal analysis of Youth Olympic Games Athlete experience and learning
    Research team: Milena PARENT, Eric MACINTOSCH, Diane CULVER (University of Ottawa – Canada) and Michael NARAINE (Deakin University – Australia)
  3. Collaborations between NOCs and public authorities: Mapping the field and identifying goodpractices
    Researcher: Henk Erik MEIER (Münster University - Germany)
  4. Cost and knowledge valuation of LA 2028's environmental legacy
    Research Team: Timothy KELLISON (Georgia State University - USA) and Brian McCULLOUGH (Seattle University - USA)
  5. Fostering social entrepreneurship in deprived host city communities: Introducing the "Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE) legacy Framework"
    Research Team: Lynn MARTIN and Michael DUIGNAN (Anglia Ruskin University – Great Britain)
  6. Intangible Olympic legacies: Concept, method and measurement
    Research Team:  Vassil GIRGINOV (Brunel University – Great Britain) and Holger PREUSS (Johannes Gutenberg University – Germany)
  7. Investigating the efficacy of digital technology for elite athlete development and support from athlete, coach and support team perspectives
    Researcher: Aimee MEARS (Loughborough University – Great Britain)

The selected researchers will receive a financial grant, which will allow them to carry out their research project, benefit from exchanges with the IOC administration and, if relevant, consult the OSC’s resources in Lausanne (Switzerland) (including the IOC’s archives and library collections). The results of their research must be submitted to the OSC in June 2019.

56 researchers from 19 countries and 5 continents applied

For this fifth edition, 24 individual and collective applications were submitted from 19 countries.

Background of the programme

The main objective of the Advanced Olympic Research Grant Programme is to promote advanced research by established researchers with a humanities or social sciences perspective in priority fields of research, which are identified annually by the IOC. University professors, lecturers and research fellows who have completed their doctorate and who currently hold an academic/research appointment covering the period of the grant are eligible to apply. For more information on the priority fields of research and the rules and guidelines in general, click here.

What is the selection process?

In order to perform a thorough analysis of all the projects, and taking into account both the academic quality and the importance of the proposed research in at least one of the priority fields of research, the files were evaluated by university peers and experts from the IOC departments. Following these evaluations, the OSC Research Grant Selection Committee, which is composed of academic experts, recommended a list of projects to the OSC. It was on these final recommendations that the OSC, in cooperation with the IOC departments, validated the seven files, which were awarded grants. The full description of the evaluation and selection process for this programme can be found here.

When is the next edition?

The 2019/2020 edition of the Advanced Olympic Research Grant Programme will be launched in October 2018. The relevant documents will be available on our website.

To see all former grant reports or discover the full library with 30,000 publications or 1.5km archives collection, visit the Olympic World Library (www.olympic.org/library).

For more information on The Olympic Studies Centre, its resources, services and research grant programmes, visit our website (www.olympic.org/studies) or contact studies.centre@olympic.org

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