2016 Bid Process launched

16 May 2007
IOC News

The IOC today launched the bid process for the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in 2016. The 203 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) have been invited to submit the name of a city within their jurisdiction as an Applicant to host the Games in nine years’ time.
Phase I: the candidature acceptance procedure
This phase involves a thorough review by the IOC of each city’s potential to organise the 2016 Olympic Games. Cities will be asked to reply to a questionnaire. Their answers will be studied by the IOC in order to help the IOC Executive Board to select the cities that will become Candidate Cities and therefore move on to Phase II. All relevant information and deadlines relating to the first phase are contained in the Candidature Acceptance Procedure and Questionnaire.
Phase II: the candidature procedure
Candidate Cities will be requested to submit their Candidature File, that is to say an in-depth description of their Olympic project, and prepare for the visit of the IOC Evaluation Commission. The Evaluation Commission will make a detailed technical assessment of each candidature and publish a report one month before the election of the Host City for IOC members to review.


Key dates

13 September 2007
NOCs to inform the IOC of the name of an Applicant City
14 January 2008
Submission of Application File and guarantee letters to the IOC
Jan-June 2008  
Examination of replies by the IOC
June 2008                    
IOC Executive Board acceptance of Candidate Cities
8 – 24 August 2008
Olympic Games Observer Programme – Beijing 2008
12 February 2009
Submission of Candidature File to the IOC
One month before the election of the Host City
Report of the 2016 IOC Evaluation Commission
2 October 2009            
Election of the Host City of 2016 Olympic Games during the 121st IOC Session in Copenhagen
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