Marketing Commission


The Marketing Commission advises the IOC Session, the IOC Executive Board and the IOC President, giving guidance, perspective and ideas in the area of Olympic marketing which will assist the IOC to continue to generate, enable and grow long-term revenue streams for the Olympic Movement.

The responsibilities of the Marketing Commission are to:

  • Review and study possible sources of financing and revenue for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Olympic Movement, while ensuring that control of sport remains with sports authorities;
  • Make recommendations to the IOC Executive Board regarding marketing and related programmes;
  • Monitor the implementation of the IOC's marketing and related programmes, and report thereon to the IOC Executive Board;
  • Seek means of maximising the potential benefits to the Olympic Movement available through association with marketing partners.

The Marketing Commission is supported by IOC Television and Marketing Services.

Protection of the Olympic values

Olympic marketing helps perpetuate the work of the Olympic Movement, by providing resources, programmes and financial support. All programmes and actions of a partner should be designed to enhance and protect the Olympic image and Olympic values.

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Director in charge

  • Director of Television and Marketing Services

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