National Stadium

19 Nov 2020

Situated near the Meiji Park, the multi-purpose National Stadium repeatedly evolved to host international competitions following its construction in 1958 for the 3rd Asian Games.

After being expanded to hold 75,000 spectators, it hosted the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the Olympic Games Tokyo 1964, as well as track-and-field events. Following the Games, it continued to stage athletics competitions, including the 1991 World Championships, as well as showpiece domestic football matches. Between 1967 and 2014, every Emperor’s Cup final was held there.

In 2015, the stadium was demolished to make room for a new Olympic Stadium ahead of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. The new stadium will stage the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, athletics and football, and has been designed to enable evacuation within 15 minutes in the event of a natural disaster.

To remind visitors of the link between Tokyo’s two Olympic Games, the Tokyo 1964 Olympic cauldron and the Tokyo 1964 Champion Wall will be installed around the new stadium.

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