Komazawa Olympic Park

19 Nov 2020

The Komazawa Olympic Park was created for the Olympic Games Tokyo 1964 by redeveloping a former professional baseball ground, as well as utilising some facilities which had been constructed for the 3rd Asian Games in 1958.

During Tokyo 1964, it hosted the hockey, football, wrestling and volleyball events. Baseball and cycling facilities were added after the Games as the park transitioned into a public sports centre for the citizens of Tokyo. In 1993, the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Memorial Gallery was added to the park.

As of 2020, the park continues to be a popular destination for both competitive sport and casual exercise, playing host to football, athletics, baseball, tennis and cycling events, while the children’s park and tree-lined jogging courses make it a popular weekend destination for families.

The finish line of the 2019 1000km Relay to Tokyo – an event involving 1,800 participants which support reconstruction efforts in parts of the country still affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake – was located in the park.

The park has also evolved into a popular cultural destination, hosting a variety of events through the year, from flea markets to pop-up food festivals and the annual Tokyo Ramen Show, which attracts more than three million noodle lovers every year.

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