Enoshima Yacht Harbour

19 Nov 2020

Constructed in the Sagami Bay neighbourhood of Tokyo, Enoshima Yacht Harbour was developed to host the five yachting races at the Olympic Games Tokyo 1964.

It serves as one of the largest public yacht harbours in Japan, with land storage for up to 1,038 dinghies. Local dinghy races are staged all year round, while international competitions have continued to be held in the harbour, including the 505 World Championships, the Norway Friendship Yacht Race Cup, the Seahorse All Japan Championship, the K16 Class All Japan Championship, and the Y15 All Japan Championship. In 2014, a clubhouse was renovated at the venue as a site for marine recreational activities at Shonan Port.

The venue keeps the Olympic cauldron to mark the Tokyo 1964 yacht competition held at Enoshima Yacht Harbour. The venue will once again host the sport's events at Tokyo 2020.

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