The Sirius Academy

11 Nov 2019

Through the Sirius Academy, the Sochi Games created an opportunity to identify and nurture young talent in Russia for the long term.

The Academy uses the infrastructure in the Olympic Park, the Shayba Arena, which hosted ice hockey during the Games, the former International Broadcast Centre, and the former Media and Broadcast Hotel. These facilities have been repurposed to become places where children can develop their skills and knowledge in the areas of sport, science and arts.

Every month, the Sirius Academy provides education programmes to 600 children aged 10 to 17 who have exceptional academic abilities or talents in sports, science or the arts. The educational programme lasts 24 days and covers advanced content from school curricula, extra-curricular activities and specialised training in sport and arts.

The children are accompanied by leading teachers of specialised schools in the fields of sport, physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology, as well as by renowned Russian artists and coaches.

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