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Designed to build and capitalise on optimism surrounding the hosting of the Olympic Games London 2012, Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) launched the Go London! programme in 2009 to encourage healthier lifestyles before, during and after the Games in London and across the UK.

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Go London! served as an umbrella for various initiatives that promoted healthy living and aimed to reach the most diverse audience possible. For example, the national campaign, Your Personal Best, was designed to inspire those in the UK living with long-term medical conditions to get active. Research showed that the nearly eight million British people with conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or mental or physical difficulties regarded their ill-health as a barrier to being more active.

In another Go London! project, the NHS provided additional training for London’s general-practice doctors to help them better understand the positive impact of physical activity on conditions such as breast, prostate and bowel cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Working with the London Mayor’s office and LOCOG, NHS London developed “healthy event” principles for the Go London! Scheme. These focused on the health implications of activities and festivals associated with the Olympic Games, such as the need for treatment of conditions including sunburn and the effects of alcohol consumption or dehydration. Health promotion messages from the “healthy event” campaign were adopted by local authorities across London.

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