Event management optimisation

The Olympic Games Athens 2004 developed a systematic methodology for logistics operations, allowing the organisers to optimise both procedures and costs.

2004 / Kishimoto/IOC / TANAKA, Shinichiro - All rights reserved | Interior view of the Ano Liosia Olympic Hall operations during the judo events.

The Process Logistics Advanced Technical Optimisation (PLATO) approach, developed by the Athens 2004 Organising Committee, used knowledge modelling and resource management techniques and tools for planning venue operations.

PLATO experts developed 25 venue-specific models, six non-competition venue models and 18 generic models reducing the costs of managing venue operations by more than USD 69.7 million.

Since 2004, further management systems have been developed to help deliver major events, highlighting the importance of PLATO in demonstrating how IT can efficiently support event management.

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