A boost for tourism

Athens 2004 accelerated the renovation of the historic centre of Athens by creating a zone of walkways that would connect the archaeological sites to the city. Monuments and open spaces were restored, streets and squares in the historic city centre were reconstructed and neoclassical-style buildings were renovated.

2019 / Milos Bicanski / IOC | Tourist walk through the walkways adjacent to the Acropolis, (September 2019).

A 2008 study by the Athens Tourism and Economic Development Company and Tourism Research and Study Centre of the University of the Aegean reported a post-Athens 2004 growth in tourism, following a decline in previous years due to internal and external factors. By 2007, full hotel bookings in Athens municipality reached 60.3 per cent, surpassing those of previous years.

Visitor numbers have continued to rise. In 2003, Greece recorded 12 million tourist visits; while in 2015, the Bank of Greece pointed that around 23.5 million visitors came to the country. Improved infrastructure and increased quality of accommodation have contributed to this trend, combined with the global visibility given to the city during the Games.

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