Olympisch Stadion

Almost half the total expenditure for the Olympic Games Antwerp 1920 went towards transforming the Beerschot Stadium into the Olympisch Stadion.

Isosport/MB Media / Contributor / Getty Images | Pierre Bourdin of Beerschot celebrates after scoring during the Jupiler Pro League match between Beerschot and KRC Genk at Olympisch Stadion in Antwerp on September 14, 2020.

The pre-Games stadium was a training site for Beerschot Athletic Club. Construction for the Antwerp 1920 Games included a new grandstand, the enlargement of existing grandstands, the extension of the track and the installation of an access road. After the Games, additional work was required to turn it into a football ground suitable for local team FC Beerschot. The running track was subsequently removed, four separate stands were created, and the capacity was significantly reduced. As a result, the post-Games stadium bore little resemblance to the venue which hosted events from nine sports in 1920.

The stadium has remained FC Beerschot’s home for over a century and, as of 2019, had a capacity of 12,771.

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