Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

  • What is the route of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch relay?
  • What are the mascots for the Tokyo 2020 Games and Beijing 2022 Games?
    • The mascot for the Tokyo Games is called Miraitowa. The name is derived from two Japanese words: mirai (meaning future) and towa (meaning eternity). Miraitowa has the same chequered blue motif as the Tokyo 2020 Games emblem on its head and body. Between December 2017 and February 2018, primary schools in Japan took part in an Olympic and Paralympic mascot selection process and voted for their favourite designs.

      The mascot for the 2022 Games in Beijing is called Bing Dwen Dwen. Bing () is the Chinese character for ice, and Dwen Dwen (墩墩) is a Chinese moniker for children. Bing Dwen Dwen is a panda wearing an ice suit, which represents purity and strength. The heart on its left paw symbolises Chinese hospitality. The bright colours of the halo around its face represent ice and snow sport tracks, and the rings recall the shape of the National Speed Skating Oval. Resembling an astronaut, the mascot also illustrates the importance of new technologies for Beijing 2022.

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  • What is the design of the Tokyo 2020 medals?
    • On the reverse, the lines surrounding the emblem of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 collect and reflect myriad patterns of light, symbolising the energy of the athletes and those who support them. The design is intended to symbolise diversity and the constant efforts of athletes striving for victory. The medals resemble rough stones that have been polished and which now shine with light and warmth, evoking the friendship created between the peoples of the world.

      For its part, the medal ribbon features traditional Japanese design motifs in a modern presentation. Silicone convex lines are applied on the surface of the ribbon so it is possible to recognise the type of medal by simply touching it.

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  • What are the new events on the programme of the Summer Games in Tokyo 2020?
    • As decided during the IOC Executive Board in June 2017, the following events will make their first Olympic appearance at the Games of the XXXII Olympiad in Tokyo in 2020:

      Aquatics (Swimming): 800m (Men), 1500m (Women), 4x100m Medley Mixed Relay
      Archery: Mixed Team Event
      Athletics: 4x400m Mixed Relay
      Baseball/softball: Baseball 6-team tournament / Softball 6-team tournament
      Basketball: 3x3 (Men and Women)
      Cycling (BMX): BMX Freestyle Park (Men and Women)
      Cycling (Track): Madison (Men and Women)
      Fencing: Team Events (Men and Women)
      Judo: Mixed Team Event
      Karate: Kata (Men and Women), Kumite (6 events for men and women)
      Skateboarding: Street (Men and Women), Park (Men and Women)
      Sport climbing: Combined event (Men and Women)
      Surfing: Shortboard (Men and Women)

      Table Tennis: Mixed Doubles
      Triathlon: Mixed Team Relay

      The number of mixed events will double: from nine in Rio in 2016 to 18 in Tokyo in 2020. All new events will make use of existing venues.

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  • Where are the competition venues for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games?
    • The venues are concentrated in two zones: the Heritage Zone and the Tokyo Bay Zone.

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