What are Olympic Agenda 2020 and Olympic Agenda 2020+5?

  • What are Olympic Agenda 2020 and Olympic Agenda 2020+5?

    Olympic Agenda 2020 is a strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement that was launched by IOC President Thomas Bach after his election in September 2013.

    A year of open, transparent and widespread debate and discussion has resulted in 40 recommendations – made public on 18 November 2014 – that were discussed and unanimously approved by the full IOC membership at the 127th IOC Session on 8 and 9 December 2014 in Monaco.

    The 40 recommendations that make up Olympic Agenda 2020 stem from the thousands of contributions received from members of the Olympic Movement, public and civil society.

    More than 40,000 submissions were received, from which 1,200 concrete ideas were produced. These ideas were then further refined into the 40 recommendations by the IOC Executive Board, the 126th IOC Session, 14 Working Groups, the IOC Commissions, and  two Olympic Summits.

    In 2021, Olympic Agenda 2020+5, the new strategic roadmap which includes 15 recommendations, is the successor of Olympic Agenda 2020. Building on the results of the previous roadmap, it will guide the work of the IOC and the Olympic Movement for the next five years.

    The 15 recommendations have been developed through an inclusive and collaborative process and are based on key trends that have been identified as likely to be decisive in the post-coronavirus world. They are also areas where sport and the values of Olympism can play a key role.

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