Dominique / Olympic values and culture: summer camp

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Target Audiences

9-12 year-old pupils


Two-week summer camps


The summer camps take place in 40 communities throughout the island. They are organised in partnership with the local authorities according to the needs of each community.


The aim of the programme is to disseminate the Olympic values to help combat the increase in violence among young people.

The camps last for two weeks, and are set up in partnership with the Youth Development Division of the Ministry of Education. They host 9-12 year-old children and are held in 40 local communities.

The teaching of Olympism is integrated into the activities organised throughout the summer camps. Specific prior training is available to the directors and assistant directors. Workshops are offered to the volunteers who will bring their support on a district level.

  • To teach Olympic values to combat the increase in violence among young people
  • To encourage fair play, team spirit and solidarity
  • To promote and illustrate the importance of voluntary participation of young people in the development of their community and country.

There are various stages in the implementation of the summer camps:

  • identify the communities which will participate in the programme
  • implement collaboration with the various partners
  • set up communications activities to make people aware of the programme
  • organise meetings within communities to elect the programme directors and assistants on a local level
  • meet parents and community leaders to obtain their support
  • develop manuals and set up a four-day training course for the programme directors and their assistants
  • organise workshops for the volunteers on a district level (eight districts)
  • after the summer camps, organise an event to thank the volunteers (Volunteer Appreciation Day)
  • participation of 3,000 primary and secondary school pupils in sporting and educational activities
  • making the general public aware of the Olympic Movement
  • developing Junior Olympic Academy activities throughout the island
Practical advice

The two pillars of olympism; sport and culture are key elements in the stride to heighten the capabilities of and harmonize body, mind and spirit. We can achieve this in our youth if we continue to construct and execute programs with this in mind.

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Summer Day Camp 2007 - Final Report

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