William HUNTER

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    Anvers 1920
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William HUNTER

During a career that spanned World War I, William Hunter achieved a "treble" of the 120y hurdles, high jump, and long jump at the Scottish Championships in 1914 and 1920. He also won the high jump and long jump in 1919 but a surprise defeat in the hurdles by the 17-year-old schoolboy, Leslie Dunn, denied him a third triple. In 1913 he won the hurdles for Scotland vs. Ireland, and in the Triangular International he won the hurdles in 1914 and the long jump in 1920. At the 1920 he was leading Briton in the long jump, finishing 13th. A medical student at Edinburgh University, he graduated in 1920 and became a House Registrar at Altrincham Hospital in Cheshire. His son, John, was the Scottish high jump champion in 1947.

Personal Bests: 100y – 10.2w (1914); 220y – 22.1w (1914); 120yH – 15.4w (1914), 16.0 (1914); HJ – 1.76 (5-9½) (1920); LJ – 7.07 (23-2½) (1914).

Résultats olympiques

Résultats olympiques
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Anvers 1920

#5 h1 r2/3
110 metres Hurdles
110 metres Hurdles Athletics
High Jump
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Long Jump
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