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Pál Koppán was a well- known sprinter in the early 1900s in Hungary. He competed for MAC Budapest, BEAC Budapest, and later for RAC Budapest. During his career, he won two Hungarian Championships at 100 yds (1897, 1901), the Austrian Championship in 1900 at 200 m, and the Andrassy and Gerenday prizes in Hungary. At the 1900 Paris Olympics, Koppán competed not only as a sprinter (60 m, 100 m, 400 m), but also in triple jump and standing triple jump.

After his sporting carrier Koppán worked as a police officer. He started as a trainee in 1907 and retired as Head of the Administrative Division in 1934.

Personal Bests: 100y – 10.2 (1898); 400 – 54.5y (1900); TJ – 12.86 (1999).

Résultats olympiques

Résultats olympiques
Résultats Événement Sport

Paris 1900

#AC h2 r1/2
60 metres
60 metres Athletics
#3 h2 r1/3
100 metres
100 metres Athletics
#4 h2 r1/2
400 metres
400 metres Athletics
Triple Jump
Triple Jump Athletics
Standing Triple Jump
Standing Triple Jump Athletics
#2 h3 r2/3
100 metres, Handicap
100 metres, Handicap Athletics
400 metres, Handicap
400 metres, Handicap Athletics
Long Jump, Handicap
Long Jump, Handicap Athletics