Athlétisme Athlétisme 
Médailles olympiques
Première participationLondres 1948
Année de naissance1926


Noemí Simonetto took up athletics in 1939 and soon became the top female track and field athlete in Argentina. Participating in sprints and jumps, Simonetto’s best years were near the end of World War II and shortly after the war. She led the world list in the 80 m hurdles in 1944 and 1945 and in the long jump in 1945, and was ranked in the world top 10 in the 80 m hurdles, high jump, and long jump in 1944-47. Simonetto’s career highlight came at the 1948 Olympics, where she won silver in long jump. She was the South American 100 m champion in 1943 and 1947; 80 m hurdles champion in 1945 and 1947; long jump champion in 1943, 1945 and 1947; and part of the 4x100 m relay champions in 1941, 1943, 1945 and 1947, winning 17 medals in all at the South American Championships between 1941-47. Married to her coach Ramón Portela, Simonetto retired from competition soon after the 1948 Olympics, but remained active in athletics marketing female athletics and as a frequent competitor in masters’ competition.

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